Intellectual Property Services

The Law Office of Kathleen Lynch is focused on providing high quality intellectual property law services by fully engaging with our clients. By becoming “in-house” intellectual property counsel on an as-needed basis, we provide comprehensive legal counsel on all intellectual property matters that affect your business.


We provide services in the areas of utility and design patent preparation and prosecution, we provide patentability, infringement and validity opinions.  We counsel on patent licensing matters.  We assist with patent due diligence.  We advise in the area patent portfolio management, and help to create, implement and maintain systems to capture and exploit your patents to the fullest extent possible, including providing updated status reports of competitor activity, landscape assessments, etc.  We provide opinions regarding the purchase, sale or license of an application, issued patent or portfolio based on offensive or defensive patent strategies adopted by your organization. To learn more about patents, click here.

Trademarks & Service Marks

We conduct trademark and/or service mark searches.  We provide trademark/service mark clearance opinions.  We prepare and prosecute state and federal trademark and service mark applications. We advise in the area of trademark licensing, and acquisitions.




Intellectual Property Asset Management

We conduct intellectual property audits to help identify all intellectual property created within your organization.  We create systems that help you to capture, protect and exploit all your intellectual property.  We provide educational seminars to employees regarding intellectual property matters and reporting systems and protective measurements that are particular to your organization.  We draft and help you negotiate confidentiality, licensing and other transactional agreements involving intellectual property matters. 


Copyright & Trade Secret

We provide legal advice in the areas of copyright and trade secret counseling, copyright registration, and general advice regarding the identification of intellectual property assets.  We recommend systems for incorporation to help protect all trade secrets.