Biotech in a Box: GE Ships Prefab Factory to China

Drug manufacturers are trying to speed up the process from drug development to full scale manufacturing in areas such as China.  General Electric is helping by literally shipping ready-made factories right off the shelf.  The video of the development can be seen here.

In September, GE shipped its first pre-fabricated biopharmaceutical factory from Germany to China. The building was made up of 62 containers. Once it arrived, the factory was assembled and built in 11 days.

GE states that the one single manufacturing concept can be replicated around the world with the use of the pre-fab factory concept. The advantage of this system enables highly specific and complex machinery to be preinstalled.  This enables the assembled factory to take advantage of world class expertise in a multitude of professions without getting on a plane.   

These GE prefab factories are sold under the mark “KUBio”. The demand for additional pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing facilities, as well as other industries, could increase demand for these prefabricated manufacturing facilities.  GE submits that the costs to make and assemble the prefab factory can reduce overall construction costs by 45%. 

The prefab factories are designed and built to be identical anywhere in the world.  So if you were to assemble one in China it would be the same to one in Switzerland.  That’s good news for the pharmaceutical inspection process as well. 

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