Do We Already Have the Technology to Solve Global Warming?

A recent article in Bloomberg News poses the question: do we already have the technology needed to solve global warming?  Representatives from all over the world are finishing up in Paris trying to agree on climate accord. Entrepreneurs and investors are ready to tackle the challenges regardless.   

Wealthy donors agreed to invest $2 billion for development in the area of clean energy research. Twenty of the world's largest economies agreed to increase their R&D spending on new energy by at least 200%. Clean-energy patents have significantly increased in the US in recent years.

The recent focus on climate saving technology and the need to reduce global warming has reopened the divide between two schools of thought: should we invent new technologies or deploy effective ideas that already exist? 

One clean-energy entrepreneur Jigar Shah submits that all of the technology needed to solve the global warming crisis is already here.  Some technologies include sharing economy businesses such as Uber and Airbnb, but others include companies that reward good behavior or that make wearable sensors that interact with a smartphone to report air quality in the immediate vicinity.

One of Pure Energy’s managing partners, Nicholas Eisenberger, states that there’s an “unloved, unnoticed tech center that’s up and coming and that can do a big part of the job, too. Why isn’t there more attention to this?” 

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