Google recently filed for patent protection for an interactive toy, such as a teddy bear.  In response to the user’s voice or movement, the device can adjust its gaze, or change its expression.  In addition to its ability to interact with children, the toy may also be used to control media devices such as a TV, DVD, or the like. 

The device, while initially aimed as an interactive children’s toy has taken on the air of a creepy toy.  The patent application was filed in 2012 when privacy issues were less of a concern.   It has only recently been published.  However since the device has the ability to record conversations and log activity, the privacy concerns are heightened, especially since the device is intended for children.  There is a petition to request the application be withdrawn.  Google noted that “some … ideas later mature into real products or services, some don't.”

Given the length of the patent process what sometimes starts out like a good idea may not become one in the long run.  Generally, good ideas are worth protecting.    Protecting your ideas is critical to any organization.  Having the right person to help you make that decision is important.  The Law Office of Kathleen Lynch PLLC is designed to help businesses such as yours keep ahead of the game.   The first telephone consultation is free.  Email us at