Tarheel Wins National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Last month President Obama awarded the National Medals of Science, as well as the National Medals of Technology and Innovation to a number of recipients.  Among the recipients of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation was a UNC professor, Joseph DeSimone. 

Mr. DeSimone is the founder of Carbon3D.  He has taken a sabbatical from UNC to focus on his company which is developing new 3D printing technology. 

The Carbon3D process, referred to as CLIP, is a chemical process the uses light and oxygen to eliminate the mechanical steps used in standard 3D printing.   The process projects light through an oxygen-permeable window into a bed of UV curable resin.  The object is lifted out of the resin bath as it is grown.  The process enables the 3D printing speeds to increase substantially and enhance the quality as well.  Check out their video.

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